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Meet the Photographer – Yellow Creek Photography – Decatur, IN

So, you want to meet the photographer? Well, I am Jeremi.  Yes, I am a girl…let’s just get that out of the way right now!  My name has always been a great conversation starter, but what’s in a name, right? One thing is for sure, I’ve learned how to take some teasing, but watch out…I like to give it right back!

The name Yellow Creek photography came about while my family and I were sitting around a campfire one Labor Day weekend. Because my name is Jeremi, I did not want to include that in my business. As a result of much conversation, we came up with my business name. I currently live in the home where I was born and raised, and on that property, a creek runs through it.  If you follow that same winding creek for a little over a mile, it runs through land that has been in my family for generations (where my parents live now). So, obviously, the creek is the Yellow Creek.

As a result of living in the same house my whole life, I’ve pretty much always lived on a farm. I don’t think you can beat the serenity of an Indiana sunset, the tranquility of a rain in the meadow, the peacefulness of a walk through the woods. It’s who I am-

Where My Heart Belongs
My husband
My business
Bread (even though I am technically gluten free)
Anything Competitive
True Love
Working all day in my PJs
Old Barns
My iPhone 6+ (yep, I still have it in 2018)
My chickens
Diet Mountain Dew

Things That Make Me Go Ugh!
Gluten free food
Cell phones at a wedding
Potatoes (any kind…including french fries)
Uninvolved grooms
Matching outfits (ask my sister)
People who don’t know how to have fun
Bossy planners and coordinators
Stubbed Toes
Muscle spasms (Particularly in my eye)
Sprained ankles

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